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The Ryneck  
  Street Life
River Wisla   Wawel Castle
  Corpus Christi 2009
  Folk Dancing
Museum of Engineering   Folk Dancing
Krakowiak 2013


There is something about certain places, some special feeling, a little thrill that you cannot describe but it is there and wow, what a great sensation it brings.
All the true big cities will have it, Rome or Venice, Budapest or Prague.
It’s like hearing an accordionist when you are strolling along the riverside in Paris even though there is no performer around. It’s a kind of magic really, a spell that the city throws on you before you even realize its coming. If you are not faint hearted then one of these unique places, a long time hidden away behind the iron curtain from the western visitor is Krakow. We hope our galleries will help you to appreciate this City’s beauty.
Just imagine yourself there.... Krakow, Poland.
Your holiday here can comprise many themes, there are  various attractions to keep you occupied in this beautiful city. Access them all easily from your city centre hotel or apartment.
You can relax in the Market Square with a cool drink and watch the world go by, then visit the Sukienice to buy a souvenir
Explore a truly historic Wawel Castle where Kings were crowned. Don’t forget to see the fire breathing  dragon at the base of the castle.
Cruise along the Vistula River, by its banks you will see Tyniec Abbey and  Bielany Monastery.
Visit the many churches of Krakow, the interiors of which will take your breath away.
Take a short walk to Kazimierz  district, greatly revived in the last few years. Explore the synagogues or visit some of the many quaint bars and cafes or perhaps an aperitif in the  Rubenstein Restaurant, Helena Rubenstein was born next door.
The Painters Wall can be viewed after walking along the busy Florianska Street, stroll a little further through the Florianska Gate, and you will find the  Barbican, a unique defensive fort.
If walking is not for you then a guided tour in a fine horse and carriage or perhaps one of the electric carts is the answer.
Travel on a short train or bus ride to The Salt Mine and you will find more than the name implies. Once underground can be found a magnificent Chapel, ‘The Chapel of the Blessed Kinga’, amazingly all is carved out of salt.
Serious moments of reflection and dark memories of WW11 can be found at the Memorial and Museum, Auschwitz – Birkenau.
There are many more attractions in this stunning city to suit all your holiday requirements.

‘Don’t just imagine Poland, travel to Poland’

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