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The Tri-City: Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot

Bizarrely enough not many foreign tourists realise that Poland does have access to the sea. It is not only a little strip of land that is in close relation with the Baltic Sea but the whole northern border of Poland consists of coast line. This means 440 km or if you prefer more than 270 miles of amazing sandy beaches, beautiful spas and seaside resorts. Surprise, surprise!? 
Well, there is more: there is Gdansk–Gdynia–Sopot forming The Tri-City. The three in one will certainly woo both you, your partner, children and friends as indeed it has something to offer everyone. For your stay choose one of the many excellent hotels or apartments.
First there is Gdansk – the old Hanza City with its stunning architecture, museums, galleries and great choice of restaurants and pubs serving delicious food, the tempting cafés, artistic amber shops and the beautiful riverside promenade. Ever wondered what gold tastes like? Here you can finally find out - just try local speciality liqueur 'Goldwasser' which has 22karate golden flakes in it!
Secondly Gdynia with its XXth century architecture will bring you closer to the Baltic Sea. In the maritime port you must visit the gracious tall sailing frigate 'Gift of Pomerania' and the destroyer ORP Blyskawica (Lightning), both open to the public. Then stroll further to the little marina. A little further you will reach a long sandy beach where in summer you can stop for a refreshing drink and maybe a little snack in one of the beach bars. 
Revitalised, continue your walk to Orlowo along the beach and Nature Reserve where if you are lucky (or not) you can even meet a wild boar family playing on the beach! 
If you are tired maybe just lie in the sun or have a little splash in the sea, then maybe some appetising  Baltic fish & chips. 
It's time for the third component of the Tri-City which is called Sopot. This elegant, and ever so desired holiday destination is also loved by the crème de la crème of polish music and cinema world. The spa quite rightly boasts of having the longest wooden pier in Europe, the slightly confusing Crooked House, a spectacular Lighthouse, broad sandy beaches, a pedestrian-only avenue filled with a variety of shops, galleries, bistros, cafés and.. oh yes! chocolate lounges... 
Do we need to add more? Yes, ideally book at least two weeks holiday when coming here as if the Tri-City didn't have enough attractions, the Kashubian region around also has so much to offer. The Teutonic castles, picturesque lakes, nature reserves – you name it. 
Well, finally you can even go to Hel here and still enjoy it!

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